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  • October 7, 2017

Rorschach Artist Profiles: URBANO

URBANO and Greg Gatsby released their collab, “So Easy,” on Rorschach yesterday, which can be streamed here:

To highlight the artists that are releasing with us, we’ve started a new interview series. URBANO took the time to speak to us about “So Easy” and their thoughts on Rorschach, check it out below:

RMG: For anyone who may not know, could you tell us who you are and why you create music? Could you describe what “urban pop” is?

U: We are a brother and sister duo who grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We both learned very early in life that there was a strong love and passion for music. Listening to music together brought us closer and showed us the true value of artistry. At the age of 16 John started recording music professionally in a studio, and thereafter I decided to follow in his footsteps! Once we both heard what we created, we were addicted and loved how it made us feel. Music is so important in our lives and that was the driving force behind both of us pursuing a career in music. The music culture is all about what feels good to you, what makes your heart sing and your soul happy. We want to spread all the love, and good vibes to others as we feel this is our purpose in life. As far as describing urban pop, we feel it combines elements and inspiration from Philly rap and R&B, as well as stylistically merging pop like hooks. It is a fusion of pop, hip-hop, EDM and urban flair. We try to always compliment each other’s individual style and make something truly distinctive of what we represent as a band.

RMG: What do you think are the advantages of working with a sibling? Are there any challenges as well?

U: There are definitely advantages to working with siblings. We live together so it is super convenient when someone has an idea and we want to work on something. We also think being close to each other helps in our ability to create music together. We are able to talk about music all the time, and it really helps a great deal. This makes our bond stronger, not only as friends and family, but also as partners in music. There are some challenges too. The hardest part is probably keeping a line between work and leisure. Sometimes each of us needs to just “shut off” but the other member might have an idea and there is no way in avoiding it. We live in the same house together so if one member wants to work on something, the other one is going to hear the instrumentals blasting.

RMG: Were there any specific inspirations behind the creation of “So Easy?”

U: We listen to a lot of trap from the likes of Dillon Francis, Excision, Jauz, Victor Niglio, Crank Dat, Flosstradamus, and Yellow Claw. So we wanted to do something that embodied their aesthetic style with our own personal flair. The energy of the song really came to life when we started making the lyrics – John creating a lot of punch lines and Ris creating a scheme for the hook. Once Greg Gatsby put his creatively talented skills to work on the instrumental, something even better than what we envisioned emerged. The vibe is there to get people feeling something really passionate when listening.

RMG:What made you want to work with Greg Gatsby on “So Easy?” Can you tell us what that experience was like?

U: It is so funny how the universe intertwines people in your life, creating a unique and serendipitous journey. Ris met Greg Gatsby years ago in New York City, both conducting business. Years later, coincidentally we ended up working with Greg, as well as Dragos, on a remix to our song “Are You?”. It seemed like such a natural and organic move to us, as we knew Greg Gatsby would be perfect for what we wanted to create for “So Easy”. We always love working with him so it was nothing but great vibes. The energy is all the way there and we think you can hear it within the song. It’s the dream to do what you love with good people surrounding you – so we feel blessed.

RMG:How did you first hear about Rorschach? What struck you about the label?

U: We saw all these great artists emerging and realized they were coming from Rorschach. The label is a very authentic and genuine representation of music at its core – nothing but love and passion for the art form. Every artist seemed to have that intense passion for their music, aside from the talent they possess. They always deliver the goods to their audience members in every aspect.

RMG: What are your thoughts on the business model Rorschach has implemented?

U: We think it is a win-win model. In our opinion, it takes a lot of the stress and pressure off of the artists in terms of creating a space for creativity, comfort, and fairness. The model implements a certain standard as well, showing the artists that the label is working hard, and gives an understanding that if the artist matches that energy – there is no way we can fail together. It really brings solidarity to all the members creatively and shows many different routes to attain your goals. They don’t force an agenda, rather they work with you to help you achieve goals and educate the artists on the business arena of music.

RMG: As an artist, what does it mean to you to keep control of your own masters?

U: This is actually a big deal, as it means that you can control your own future endeavors such as licensing your song to media companies. Other labels, holding the master rights, could license the song without the artists’ consent or monetary gain.


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