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  • November 10, 2017

Your EDM Premieres RMG’s Latest Release By Japanese Sensation Ryoji Takahashi

buy Aurogra oral RMG went international once again and dropped a massive dubstep track today called “Mentama Baaan” by rising Japanese artist, Ryoji Takahashi.


http://newtonandsons.com/sakaiya/hJ1557xxhc57li14821P/ The song is a true testament to the possibilities of dubstep and bass music, something that the crew over at Your EDM instantly picked up on. We had the pleasure of working with the site once more for the premiere of “Mentama Baaan,” and  the track couldn’t have been described any better:

The first drop is your typical tear out dubstep rhythm, but even this “typical” drop has an edge of creativity and impeccable sound design to it. Then following it up with a small jaunt of future bass, and an almost 8-bit bridge keeps things interesting. And then… then we get to the truly unique part of this song. I won’t spoil it, in part because I don’t want to ruin the surprise and also because I simply don’t have the words for it.

-Your EDM

Check out their full article below and be sure to give “Mentama Baaan” a listen above!

Ryoji Takahashi Just Dropped One Of The Most Creative Bass Bangers Of The Year


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