• RorschachMG
  • November 13, 2017

Check Out RMG’s Latest Release, “Mentama Baaan”

Mieres Just a few days ago, Rorschach Music Group spreads its international roots with “Mentama Baaan,” a massive dubstep track from rising Japanese artist, Ryoji Takahashi. Voted as one of Japan’s Best Producers by DJ Mag in 2016, Ryoji is known throughout Japan for his limitless sound. And while he’s been supported by top-tier trance artists like Paul Oakenfold, Solarstone, and Sean Tyas, Ryoji is here to prove yet again that genres are not obstacles to overcome, but sources of inspiration to gather ideas from.

Cusco In Japanese, “Mentama Baaan” means “eye-popping,” a phrase that fully embodies Ryoji’s sound design on the track. While the song has obvious dubstep influences, elements of future bass can be heard throughout, fully showing off Ryoji’s talents in the studio. Bright synths and aggressive bass lines combine flawlessly for a proper hybrid sound ready for any festival or club dance-floor. Ryoji Takahashi is a name to remember, continually showing his ability to craft floor-smashing hits across several genres.

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