• RorschachMG
  • November 20, 2017

Much Love To Tune Collective For The Support on Jroll’s Latest Banger, “We Know It Up”

It’s been just over two weeks since the release of Jroll’s massive RMG trap single, “We Know It Up,” and the response has been nothing but stellar.

Thousands of streams later, Jroll is still landing support from the blog community, most recently from the widely popular site Tune Collective. They picked up on one of the track’s best attributes, saying:

The simplicity of the track may be what makes this one so impressive.

-Tune Collective

“We Know It Up” truly is simplicity at its finest. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Jroll!

Give the track a listen above, and be sure to check out Tune Collective’s full article below!

Jroll Goes Bananas On Rorschach Debut ‘We Know It Up’


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