• RorschachMG
  • January 5, 2018

SNOOF Starts 2018 Off With Massive EP

Fresh off the release of his EP’s lead single which helped RMG top off 2017, SNOOF returns with two more tracks for the full release of his long-awaited Dreams EP. Featuring several RMG alumni, the EP is a short but commanding burst of bass music that further adds to the unique sound we’ve curated here at Rorschach.

“WARNING,” the EP’s lead single, features Mikey Ceaser and works well to establish the heavy trap/rap hybrid sound of Dreams. Gritty bass combine well with SNOOF’s simple synth work to create a dark and aggressive environment, a testament to the artist’s sound design and overall talents in the studio. “MOVIN” features RMG vet Jroll and rapper Ill Nicky, maintaining the trap/rap sound while adding some future bass flair. “T’D UP” with Malcolm Flex and Rawk Miller brings things back to that aggressive environment “WARNING” worked to establish. Pounding 808’s and eccentric, high-pitched synths combine for a sound ready to smash any festival crowd.

Stream SNOOF’s Dreams EP below!


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