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  • March 28, 2018

Rorschach Artist Profiles: Stoney Montana

Stoney Montana is a name to get familiar with. The Chicago-based producer/DJ is taking the industry by storm, performing at a number of MMW 2018 parties just weeks after his debut tracks went live, including Rorschach boss Greg Gatsby’s massive event which featured sets from Gatsby himself and other industry bigs like Carter Cruise, Slimez, and Richard Fraioli. A week ago, he dropped “Pharaohs Power” with RMG, a wavey bass original that has us stoked for Stoney’s future.

We spoke with Stoney Montana to get a better understanding of the mind behind this rapidly rising project. Check out Stoney Montana’s stuff below and be sure to give his RMG Artist Profile at the bottom of the page a read!

Stoney Montana:



Q: For anyone who may not know yet, could you tell us who Stoney Montana is and tell us a little bit about why you create music?

A: Stoney Montana, is essentially me as a person, my personality in general… and I’m really big on Marijuana culture! As well as love and music, they just go hand in hand if you ask me.

Q: Were there any specific inspirations behind the creation of “Pharaohs Power?”

A: With “Pharaohs Power” I wanted to take a different approach with the genre and style I’m normally making which is “trap / bass/ hip hop.” Also I recently went to Egypt with a close friend and I’d say a huge part of inspiration behind “Pharoahs Power” came from the trip! Egypt is a magical and inspirational country.

Q: How did you first hear about Rorschach?

A: I first heard of Rorschach, through my last MMW in 2017. Kevin and Greg have been nothing but supportive towards me.

Q: What are your thoughts on the business model Rorschach has implemented?

A: Rorschach, is family to me, they really take the artist’s best interest very seriously. They’re never pushy and also very open to suggestions and directions the artist really wants to take, but will advise the artist in the best situation for whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

Q: As an artist, what does it mean to you to keep control of your own masters?

A: It’s everything if you ask me, it’s your art! That’s a huge key that the Rorschach family offers! And most labels don’t do that for an artist.


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