• RorschachMG
  • June 15, 2018

Nolan Mac Brings The Festival Trap Vibes With New Rick Ross Remix

http://gowstakeout.com/tag/braised-pork-belly/ RMG & MMXVAC affiliate Nolan Mac has been steadily making waves in the community, attracting fans with his diverse bass capabilities in the studio. The young producer is back with an absolutely fire remix, taking a festival trap spin on Rick Ross’s highly popular “Trap Trap Trap.”

Ursynów Nolan Mac keeps things straightforward throughout his remix, removing any unnecessary frills in favor of clean production. The drops bring tight 808’s in combination with seemingly loose synth work for an unbelievable atmosphere, as Nolan Mac showcases his ability to make a simple yet extremely effective track. Rick Ross’s vocals are just the icing on the cake, as the well-known lyrics are sure to go off in any club or festival setting.

Stream the remix below and be sure to grab your free download HERE!


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