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  • May 1, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Matt Doe

One artist name that most Gatsby fans will recognize is isotretinoin without prescriptions Maradonai. However, what some might not know is that Maradonai is a thing of the past. Matt, the visionary behind Maradonai, has been hard at work forging a new name for himself through his fresh and exciting new alias, Elmwood Park Matt Doe. And Matt Doe isn’t playing around and the proof is in the numbers. His bass-heavy, dubstep-influenced sound has been racking up plays by the thousands, showing off just how much of a potentially serious powerhouse Matt Doe really is.

He’s also the proud owner of RMG‘s latest track titled “Now I Know,” which was created in collaboration with Fools of Wisdom and MagMag. A club-smashing riddim banger, “Now I Know” is a prime example of the kind of energy and sound design Matt Doe can bring to the table.

We asked Matt a few questions to help shed some light onto his relatively new Matt Doe project, touching on inspirations behind the name change and the potential for a Maradonai comeback. Check out what he has to say below!

What inspired you to change your name to Matt Doe?

At first, I chose the name Maradonai since it rhymed with my last name and was inspired by my favorite sport; soccer. I decided to change it because I felt like I needed a fresh start, and also to go with something that could really stick into peoples mind whenever it’s brought up. Matt Doe was an old idea from my mom and was also mentioned by close friends recently, and I just went with it!


Do you consider Matt Doe to be an entirely new entity or a rebrand of the Maradonai moniker?

Yes absolutely. Maradonai was a cool trip but Matt Doe is the real deal now.


How would you say the reception to Matt Doe has been so far? Were there any challenges you faced initially?

It was all about searching for a new identity that matched a new genre of music, and I had to do it quickly. It took a while no lie, I got my first release out in May 2018 and it took about 8 months to feel comfortable putting an EP out, with success. I think everyone loved the variety of sounds I had to offer in my recent tunes, I love experimenting/innovating constantly and it seems like something that positively triggers fans.


Do you have any advice to any young artists out there looking to go full-time with their music careers?

Sure! Listen to any tutorials there are on Youtube as much as you possibly can and experiment. Don’t be afraid to share your stuff with others as criticism is the best way to evolve quickly. Also finishing your projects is a must. It’s clearly tempting to start projects all over again but it’s essential to finish up tunes. Why is that? Just trust the process lol


Top 3 Canadian up-and-comers that we should be keeping an eye on:

Sam Lamar: Absolute beast for sound design and all of his drops takes everyone by surprise. The kid is a genius.

Charlie Zane: Smashed every record I’ve ever listened from him, dope sound design, A1 producer.

Krilla: Definitely one of the coolest musical creators around. Love his style and simplicity.


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